Case Study


Many CEOs struggle with the marketing challenge. As they experience growth, they often try different marketing services like lead generation companies, Agencies, Consultants and SEO experts to drive inbound prospects. The net result is difficult to track results, lots of money wasted in failed trials and no cohesive plan with KPIs that reflect the business.


A successful CEO wanted to scale her business and expanding means less control. The key to her success was hiring a CMO that could help with a robust pipeline of new customers.

The key to success was a robust pipeline of clients and a Chief Marketing Officer was the key.


CEO requested the FractionL team member to identify candidates with healthcare and/or cosmetic surgery experience.

Reaching out to our community of over 250 fractional CMO, we were able to find two with experiences in dental offices and rehabilitation centers.

The CEO then connected with one CMO that also had franchise experience and quickly got to work.


The newly hired CMO quickly developed the ideal of Customer Profile for both the consumers and potential franchisees. Using multiple social media tools they build an online funnel that drove customers to a new landing page  focused on new clients offer.

The CEO was able to show how their new marketing plan drove additional volume, and how it can be applied across Franchisees' new locations.