Game Changing
Adding a full time CFO, CMO or C-Suite team member takes months in time and can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Not to mention the risk that the executive does not work out! Hiring a fractional CxO can save you time and money. Here are the 5 key benefits of hiring fractional versus a full time team member
  • You can hire a fractional CxO to join your team in days versus months. Most start the following week after an interview
  • You do not pay benefits as they are contract 1099 workers
  • Experienced fractional CxOs move very quickly and are comfortable with or without structure
  • Unless you are a large company you may only need a CFO, CMO or CTO a few days weekly. You only pay for the days they actually do work!
  • As you grow or change, it is easy to scale your fractional executive up or down with business levels
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