Case Study


Many CEOs face tough choices when it comes to scaling up. Add the current state of the economy and a very difficult hiring environment and managing growth is difficult. Many SaaS based productivity tools can help, but they require integration and training. This is where a COO can really help knit everything together.


The CEO of an fitness app was experiencing good growth. As they scaled up, they found that they were using over 10 SaaS platforms ranging from lead tracking to credit card payments and customer data tracking.

Each platform had a different owner and some data traveled automatically between systems. There was no visibility across platforms and the CEO was confident he was missing important flags.


FractionL reached  out to the CxO community and identified two fractional Chief Operating Officers who had dashboard design, integration, and implementation experience.

One COO in particular had engineering leadership experience, so the CEO chose to interview and eventually hire that executive.


The COO made an inventory of all the platforms and the desired data flow across the tools. Using no code integration tools like Zapier, he built connectors which moved data seamlessly between SaaS platforms.

Then he built a simple dashboard that captured the KPIs that the CEO wanted to track across the business. Once launched, he restructured the teams around the KPIs and trained people in their newly revised roles.