Case Study


One of the biggest challenges in growing a business is that your technology platform must scale with the business. Whether it is simple as your office network or complex as a global SaaS platform, CEOs need to make sure their technology teams scale as well. The team that built the original software or designed the first network may not be the team to take it live across the world.


The CEO of a Healthtech platform finally had traction and was seeing consistent growth.  The product had a great feature roadmap and offshore resources were hired to build and deliver regular upgrades. After a few months into development, the CEO noticed key deliverables in the Trello board were being missed, and that new features were being added ad hoc without discussion.

The current Product Development Manager was really great at writing code, but did not understand architecture and scalability. She knew she needed to get things under control, but as the primary seller for the firm, she had to find experienced help.


The CEO was familiar with the FractionL platform after hiring a functional CFO to help get her books and cash flow organized. Working with the FractionL team,  he was able to identify a Chief Technology Officer with experience at top companies like Cisco and Yahoo.

The CTO brought extensive offshore development experience and was familiar with the latest programming languages and tracking tools.


After joining the team as the Chief Technology Officer, he quickly set up project tracking tools including JIRA and required all development to be managed there. He set up regular reviews of the features and negotiated payments to be made upon successful delivery.

The new platform gave great guidance to the offshore teams and provided clear priorities.