Cyber security

Case Study


Many CEOs realize they need a Chief Information Security Officer after it is too late, they have had a serious breach or their software back-ups have gone missing. Or when they get the hostage letter asking form money to return the code!


The CEO of a fast growing e-commerce business was always on the hunt for new products and services to push through the channels they have built over time. Over time they develop thousands of new customers and collected more data than ever on their profiles.

As they added and integrated  new cloud based tools, they had no process for testing the security of customer data from access by these new software process. They heard about a breach at a competitor, and they knew it was time for action.


While all the CEOs fellow founders and investors suggested different cybersecurity platforms to use, the CEO knew that they needed someone with a bigger view of the specific threats they faced.
Someone who could look not just a technical solutions, but things like access to building holding servers and employee computers. They needed to train employees on what to look for, and even test existing networks for weaknesses.

The CEO turned to the CFO they found through the FractionL Community. The CFO was able to quickly recommend 2 part time CISOs with e-commerce specific experience who could handle the role. The CEO chose the candidate that was local to the company.


The CISO quickly went to work, using software tools to test and  identify the weak spots in the business network. The first focus was to prevent hacking and network penetration. The second focus was working with employees to identify internal and external threats to confidential data.

Within 6 weeks, tools to monitor and prevent outside forces were in place. New employee security features like two factor authentication and fingerprinting were used on specific equipment. Password security and work from home rules were established to safeguard company data. All at an affordable cost!