hr leader

Case Study


After COVID, getting workers back in the office has been difficult.  Employees liked the commute-free lifestyle and time with family. This has crushed productivity and forced CEOs to provide hybrid work environments.  The exit of millions from the workforce has led to a hiring crisis for many companies.


The CEO of a popular technology and software development company that focused on financial companies was struggling with his Human Resources Manager. Software development engineers were getting multiple job offers weekly.

Filling open roles was taking too long and many staffers were demanding higher salaries. Office morale was down and the benefits package needed re-negotiation. He had to take action.


After meeting with FractionL’s team, the CEO found a Chief People Officer with great technology recruiting experience. The problem was he also found an HR leader with deep benefits and culture transformation experience.

FractionL recommended he hire both, and simply vary the monthly hours for each based on the company’s needs as they evolved.


Things played out exactly as suspected. The recruiting needs varied widely month to month. Once the benefits package was re-negotiated, there was a steady drumbeat of HR generalist work that was managed a few hours each week.

The combination of the two fractional executives actually cost less than the full-time single Chief People Officer, as they were contractors with variable hours.