March 27, 2023

Why Hire a Fractional CRO or Growth Officer?

Sales is the lifeblood of every company. Optimizing the sales process and building a go-to-market (GTM) strategy is an art. Hiring a seasoned sales or growth pro can save months of trial and error resulting from hiring a less experienced team.

What does a Fractional CRO or Growth Officer do?

Most B2B CEOs need to get prospects to meetings and to convert them to clients. Whatever you call the role: CRO, Head of Sales, etc., the goal is to identify the right buyers and covert them quickly. An experienced CRO can build a sales funnel process, test messaging, move prospects through different stages of buying. Most importantly, they help close the first few deals. Once the process is refined, a CRO or Fractional Sales Executive can build and train a sales team.B2C clients generally focus on selling through multiple channels perhaps with different prospect types or messages. In each case, the channel needs attention and a revenue driver. Hiring a fractional Growth Officer with experience in each channel or target channels can be a great idea.

Here’s a list of the things a fractional Chief Revenue Officer can do for you:

  • Be the credible face of the company to customers
  • Build and refine a sales pipeline or funnel, integrate a techstack
  • Identify changes to the Ideal Customer Profile or messages from the CMO
  • Move prospects throguh the deal funnel to close deals
  • Define and optimize compensation plans for sales teams

Check out this case study of a technology startup pursuing 3 different markets for their software. Instead of hiring one general sales leader, they engaged FractionL to quickly bring in 3 fractional CROs, each with deep domain experience in those markets, to get them fast adoption by knowing how those specific customers bought.