Pricing is actually pretty simple

Hourly Rate

Hire a CxO (CFO, CMO, CTO, COO) for4 or more hours monthly
$175 / hour +
Varies by Location
Get me candidates
  • On-demand with 24 hours notice
  • Have your business reviewed
  • Scale hours with business growth
  • Pay by Credit Card

Daily Rate

Hire a CRO, CFO or any CxO for one day weekly
$1500 / day*
Schedule Regular Meetings
Get me candidates
  • Great for hiring a Revenue, Financial or Marketing Officer
  • Add a Commission Plan
  • Add more days with growth
  • Split a day across the week

Monthly Rate

Add an HR Leader, CFO or CxO to your team!
$5000 / mo*
Varies by Region
Get me candidates
  • Generally 25-50 hours commitment monthly
  • Workflow matches need
  • Great for adding an HR Generalist or Recruiting Manager
  • Good for long term engagements


Build a complete CxO team and scale roles with business!
$8000 / mo*
Varies by Team
Setup a Call Here!
  • Add multiple CxOs to your team
  • Tie in equity and bonus comp
  • Swap team members based on stage
  • Great for early stage Tech Founders
  • Get an experienced CRO, CMO and CFO package
* Pricing can vary by geography, experience level and demand

Check out our Fractional CxO vs. Full Time CxO Comparison Chart Here!

Growing your company requires speed and flexibility. You don’t need a top-heavy C-suite when a fractional bench of expert COOs, CFOs, CMOs and more can deliver results  at a fraction of the cost.
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