Case Study


Fractional CFOs generally fall into two categories, which correlate to a stage of a company’s growth.

• Most business need to hire a CFO to help with managing, support and regulate their business on the financial side.

• Startups with multiple customers need help building financial models to present to investors.

Many Fractional CFOs can do both tasks, but some specialize in each stage.


A startup CEO with a unique SaaS tool that predicts stock price direction based on quarterly reporting was finally seeing demand for his product. Customers liked the accuracy and wanted to expand use.

The CEO had bootstrapped the company and knew it was time to raise some funding, and he did not know where to start. One of his board members suggested he find a fractional CFO with fundraising experience.


The CEO connected with a few other Founders and learned about the FractionL community of part time senior executives. After a short discussion, FractionL shared the profiles of 3 top CFOs with startup modeling and fundraising experience.

The CEO was able to find a CFO who raised over $100 million for similar startups in Fintech and they had experience working with several of the startups target prospects.


The CFO was able to quickly quantify the opportunity in financial terms that venture investors would understand. The CFO had established VC and private equity connections, and he brought them in to evaluate an investment in the CEO’s company.

Uniquely, the CFO had  relationships with major investment banks and an established network of potential pilot customers for the product, introducing the product and CEO.