March 2, 2023

What does a Fractional CMO Do?

Most fractional CMOs are used to stepping into a company that is stuck in this exact situation. They often go back to the basics, building an ideal customer profile (ICP), creating a message that resonates with the customer, and defining the buyer journey that leads to a sale. While this often takes some upfront investment, once a plan is in place, the CEO can meet with the CMO to monitor and iterate the message or journey until optimized. So hiring a fractional CMO is initially expensive but tails off rapidly as plans are implemented. 

Some of the deliverables fractional CMOs can work on for you:

  • Define the ICP, messaging, and go-to-market strategy
  • Build and execute a marketing plan
  • Negotiate and manage advertising contracts, graphic design work and ad development, and social media activities
  • Build your branding and vision statements
  • Develop product documentation, videos, and web presence
  • Webinar design and management
  • Content and messaging development
  • Work with Sales on product market fit and new opportunities

Of all the different fractional roles, marketing can often have the largest impact on growth and profitability because marketing touches so many parts of a business. Check out this case study of a Medical Spa owner who was able to focus on adding more locations by handing off marketing to a fractional CMO.