March 30, 2023

What does a Fractional CTO Do?

Today’s economy has made technical talent very, very expensive. Another shocking fact is that the success rate of many technology projects coming in on time and budgeting is pretty low. So having the right CTO or Chief Information Officer is critical to a business. A good CTO/CIO can save a company millions in productivity and development costs. While startups typically have a CTO as one of the founders, that person is also writing the code for the product. As startups grow, they may outsource development and re-write the original product to improve features and performance. Many smart CEOs split the development of the product features and the management of architecture and planning into two roles. Hiring a Fractional CTO is a great way to handle this transition without the expense of two technology resources. 

Some of the deliverables fractional CTOs can work on for you:

  • Making sure your systems stay live and secure
  • Executing cybersecurity audits and proactive plans
  • Manage offshore development teams and project timelines
  • Track software product features and priorities
  • Coach younger CTOs and Founders building new products or features
  • Information security and compliance
  • Identify operational and integration opportunities that improve productivity

See how FractionL helped this CEO with a brilliant software designer who struggled with product development and delivery until he hired a fractional CTO.