March 27, 2023

Why hire a Fractional Chief Information Security or Cybersecurity Officer?

As data security, GDPR and regulatory bodies start impacting business processes, CEOs have started hiring fractional CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers).

What does a Fractional Chief Information Security or Cybersecurity Officer do?

Emerging businesses have a tough choice, trust a Cybersecurity software company to provide defense of their data and platforms, or hire an independent company to test systems and report vulnerabilities needing protection. The fact is that most businesses need Cybersecurity software AND a team member to understand evolving threats. Cybersecurity is not a one-time purchase, it is a battle that is fought daily and in the event of a breach, it can be very expensive. The decision to hire a fractional CISO makes so much sense. They can help CEOs avoid disaster and manage the expense of acquiring security software and services.

Here are the primary things a fractional CISO can do for a CEO:

  • Identify and manage employee risks with company and customer data
  • Build and execute an audit program to test vulnerabilities and compliance
  • Negotiate with services and software suppliers to provide protection
  • Write data management and backup procedures
  • Monitor traffic for threats
  • Test and audit supply chains for security

Check out this case study of a fast-growing consumer company and how it used a fractional CISO to defend customer data from hackers.