March 28, 2023

Why Hire a Fractional COO?

Many growth CEOs face a moment where they realize they are overwhelmed or that they need to staff up to continue to deliver growth. The fact is, growth often results in over-hiring, duplicating tasks in different departments, unclear job descriptions or targets, and waste. 

What does a Fractional COO?

Hiring a Chief Operating Officer, or COO can often free a CEO to focus on product or customer priorities, truly enabling the company to accelerate growth. A great COO can often save a company millions by designing workflows, eliminating redundant roles, or outsourcing non-strategic tasks. The difference a highly experienced COO can make on an early stage or small growing business is immense. Many companies cannot afford this kind of talent, so hiring a world-class COO part-time can be an excellent choice. With FractionL, a CEO gets all the knowledge of the fractional COO at 25-35% of a full-time executive. Factor in the experience level of a fractional COO and the time to find and hire often far outweighs an affordable full-time COO. 

Here’s what a fractional COO delivers:

  • Assessment, design and implementation of repeatable systems
  • Talent and training development skills
  • Risk reduction
  • Cost reduction identification and achievement
  • Project planning and leadership
  • Taking over the day to day leadership of business processes

Case Study: When this CEO approached FractionL with scaling roadblocks, FractionL helped place an experienced COO with the team within a week to streamline operations and kickstart growth. Learn how we did it here.